Migrating from MS Access(*.mdb;*.accdb) to MySQL

This document describing how to using ESF Database Migration Toolkit to migrating from MS Access to MySQL in 3 easy steps.


Windows XP or higher.
ESF Database Migration Toolkit download.
Microsoft Access 97 or higher.
MySQL 3.23 or higher.


1). In "Choose a Data Source" dialog, Choose "Microsoft Access (*.mdb)" or "Microsoft Access 2007-2012 (*.accdb)"

  • Press "..." button to select the Access database (.MDB or .ACCDB) file.
  • If there is a workgroup(system database), press "Lock" button to set it.
  • MS Access

2).In "Choose a Destination" dialog, choose "MySQL Database"

  • Input the server name(e.g.: localhost), port (e.g.: 3306), username, password.
  • MySQL supporting some different Storage Engines, please click here to get more information about MySQL Storage Engine.
  • Choose a character-set, e.g.: UTF-8.
  • Press "Refresh" button to list all MySQL Databases automation, you can select a database directly, or input an new name, this toolkit can create the new database in converting.
  • MySQL

3). In "Select source Tables(s) & View(s)" dialog

  • Select the tables which will be migrated.
    Select Tables&Views

  • Click "..." to setting the table options or re-map the table structure.

4). In "Execution" Dialog

  • Click "Submit" to starting migration, this tookit will help you migrate data from MS Access to MySQL without intervention.

5). Finished

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. Thank you for your time!