Migrating from Firebird(*.fdb) to Oracle

This document describes how to quickly migrate from Firebird to Oracle in 3 easy steps using ESF Database Migration Toolkit.


  • Windows XP or higher.
  • ESF Database Migration Toolkit download.
  • Firebird 1.5 or higher.
  • Oracle 9i or higher.


1. In "Choose a Data Source" dialog, choose "FireBird/InterBase" ;

  • Input the username(default: SYSDBA) and password(default is "masterkey").
  • Choose the database character-set.
  • Click "..." to select the FireBird(*.fdb) or InterBase(*.gdb) file.

2. In "Choose a Destination" dialog, choose "Oracle";

  • Input the server name(default: localhost) and port(default: 1521).
  • Input the username(default is "system") and its password.
  • Select the logon method(SID, Service_Name or TNS).
  • Input the source Oracle SID or Service_Name in "Database" box or let it empty if using TNS method.
  • Input the schema name or let it empty(default is same as username, you can press "Refresh" button to list all schemas).

3. In "Select source Tables(s) & View(s)" dialog

  • Select the tables/views that will be migrated.
    Select Tables&Views

  • Click "..." to set the table options or remap the table structure.

4. In "Execution" Dialog;

  • Click "Submit" to begin the migration, this tookit will help you quickly migrate data from Firebird to Oracle without intervention.

5. Finished!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. Thank you for your time!

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