Migrating data from Foxpro(*.dbf) To SQL Azure


  • ESF Database Migration Toolkit DL.
  • Microsoft Windows XP or higher.
  • Foxpro 2.6 or higher.
  • SQL Azure.


1. In "Choose a Data Source" dialog, choose "Visual Foxpro(*.dbf) (*.dbc) " or "FoxPro/dBase Free Table (*.dbf)" ;

  • Click "..." to browse the Visual Foxpro(*.dbf) file(.dbc) or select the folder which the Foxpro/dBase free tables locating.
  • Click "Next" to goto the next step.
    Visual Foxpro(*.dbc)
    Visual Foxpro Database (*.dbc)
    Foxpro Free Table
    Foxpro Free Table(*.dbf)

1. In "Choose a Data Destination" dialog, choose "SQL Azure";

  • You need to "Allow access to Azure services" in "Firewalls and virtual networks" page of the Azure server, and add your client IP to rules list.
  • Input the SQL Azure server name (e.g.: esf.database.windows.net).
  • Input the server port (e.g.: 1433),
  • Input the username and password.
  • Press "Refresh Database" button to list all databases, then choose an existing database.
  • Press "Refresh Schema" button to list all schemas, then choose and existing schema (default is "dbo").
  • Azure

3. In "Select source Tables(s) & View(s)" dialog

  • Select the tables/views which will be migrated.
    Select Tables&Views
  • Click "..." to set the table options or remap the table structure.
  • You can set the data transfer method (Overwrite Table/Empty Data/Append Data/Skip Table) or filter the data before transferring.
  • Choose "Field Mapping" option, you can redefine the fields in the destination table, e.g.: field name, data type, default value, comment and also.

4. In "Execution" Dialog;

  • Click "Submit" to begin the migration, this toolkit will help you quickly migrate data from Foxpro(*.dbf) To SQL Azure without intervention.
  • Click "Browse Log" to visit the full migration log.
  • Click "Save as job" to save the migration settings to a job file, so you can "Load Job" to quickly reload the migration job in the future or run the migration job via command-prompt. Run "esfdbcv --help" in command-prompt to get the full command parameters.

5. Finished!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. Thank you for your time!

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